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"We just had our 2nd week in a row of zero missed Google Local Services calls. This is pretty cool to see since implementing Sameday. We've had other after hours answering services in place running two deep and we'd always end up missing one here or there in a given week."

Rob Greer
COO, Rove Pest Control

"I would miss probably 30 calls each month and get overwhelmed with always playing catch-up. Sameday made it easy by taking those calls off my plate and allowing me more time with my customers."

Matt Smith
Owner, Expert Window Washing

"Our inside sales team would fluctuate all year around depending on the season, making it near impossible to answer every phone call. With Sameday, no matter how many people we have available, we never miss a phone call."

Jansen Ogden
Marketing Director, Ardent Pest

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tool this powerful is going to spark up a question or two.

Is there a trial version of Sameday?

With our standard pricing, we do not have any contracts or long term commitments, meaning anyone can give Sameday a try without signing up for any amount of time.

Does Sameday have native mobile apps?

Sameday currently functions as a web application from either your desktop or phone. We will be developing a native mobile app in the very near future.

What is your privacy policy?

Sameday does not lend or sell any information related to your business. Any information collected by Sameday is strictly diagnostic to improve our services.

How to do I integrate Sameday?

Our onboarding team will help you integrate Sameday to your industry specific CRM. If you don't have a CRM, then we can deliver information to a secure online dashboard.

When do I get billed?

We bill all of our customers at the first of the month for any qualified scheduled appointments. Customers are able to request a review of any leads and get refunded if your dispute is approved.

Do I have to pay per appointment?

We have custom pricing options for our enterprise customers, but are willing to work with most businesses to find a pricing model that makes the most sense for their business. Just ask when you schedule your demo.

Can we collect payments in Sameday?

Yes, Sameday can collect payment, but we try to defer to your CRM to collect payment if possible. Meaning, if your route software (CRM) is able to send a SMS or email with a payment link, then Sameday will tell your CRM to send that link.

Can I get negotiate a better rate?

All of our agreements allow you to contact us with 30 days notice to discuss getting a better rate for your business. It's important for us to be flexible and provide a stellar answering service for everyone in a way that makes sense.

Does Sameday have a dashboard?

Our call tracking and recording dashboard will be going live in a couple weeks. This will allow you to see every call received by Sameday, the results, and a complete call recording. As well you will get daily updates via email from your AI on it's performance.

What sort of analytics are included?

You can expect to get everything you expect from an answering service, such as call time and results, plus feedback from our Artificial Intelligence about what you can do to improve your close rate and other feedback.

Does Sameday schedule appointments?

Yes. Sameday can fully schedule appointments. There are not many limitations on our end. The only limitations we see come with the CRM you are using. Nonetheless, we have many options that work great for scheduling if your CRM isn't very flexible.

What is Sameday's Pro-voice?

Pro-voice is our human-like AI voice that we have built and trained to apply many powerful sales techniques to dramatically increase your booking rate. We started out wanting to build an AI that people want to talk to and Pro-voice takes that to the next level.

Does Sameday have a chat feature?

Coming soon...

Does Sameday have a mobile app?

Coming soon...

Can Sameday make outbound calls?

Coming soon...

What if I have multiple companies?

Coming soon...

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